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Is Your Air Filtered or Is It Clean?
American Air Scrubbers provides standard and custom designed air cleaning units to meet all of your needs.
How Good Is Your Indoor Air Quality?
Dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, viruses and other air pollutants are frequently much more concentrated in indoor air than in outdoor air. Airborne pollutants severely impact the health of individuals with asthma, allergies, or other respiratory problems.
  • American Air Scrubbers™ removes particulates from the air with patent-pending reactor pads, efficiently removing particles greater than three microns in size.
  • American Air Scrubbers™ uses germicidal ultraviolet (UV) lamps which break the DNA and RNA of bacteria.
  • American Air Scrubbers™ uses photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) to degrade organic compounds smaller than three microns (odors, bacteria, mold, viruses, and other organic substances), producing water and carbon dioxide.
Why Use American Air Scrubbers™?
American Air Scrubbers'™ photocatalytic oxidation technology is superior in efficiency and effectiveness to competing cleaning processes. Other processes utilize ozone, UV, activated charcoal, HEPA, electrostatic, or ionization filters. American Air's technology combines the best of these processes - rotatable reactor pads and UV irradiation with catalytic filters to truly cleanse, not just filter, the air.
  • HEPA filters remove smaller particles than do the rotatable pads (used by American Air), however, HEPA filters require more energy to operate and have no germicidal action.
  • Activated charcoal removes odor by adsorption but has no germicidal action.
  • Ionization chambers place a charge on particles causing them to cling together on filters, air duct components, and walls but have no germicidal action.
  • UV lights have a germicidal action and have cured sick building syndrome. However, UV light alone is not as effective as is the combination of UV and metal oxides such as TiO2.


American Air Scrubber's™ technology does not merely filter your air;
It allows you to breathe freely!

American Air Scrubber's technology is patent pending.


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